Thursday, February 16, 2012

I just want to start by saying thank you to all that believe in me and love my cupcakes because its you guys that make me get bigger and better and get farther in my dreams of baking :-) This is a very big accomplishment for me making it on the Food Network Cupcake Wars which honestley who would of ever thought i would be on that show. It happened and it sure happend fast and it will be a moment to remember and cherish with all of you guys that dreams do come true.....  Carla Mariel Soto i just want to tell you that i love you very much and happy you get to experience this with me i could of not picked a better assistant ;-) Thanks to all my family for supporting me in everything i do and believing in me which is why i am where i am now. Well guys can't wait to see what happens but we are ready to get our BAKE on!!!!

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